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The cannabis industry. It's that simple. We are cannabis people who care about the industry's health and sustainable growth. We partner with people courageous enough to leap into this industry, and smart enough to realize that assembling an expert team multiplies your success. You are:


We have a solution that addresses the things you haven't thought of yet.


That's why we designed a solution flexible enough to meet your state, county, city, and business model needs.


We designed our solutions to attract smart people. You buy value, not price and you understand opportunity cost. Our model of thoughtware, software and hardware is the missing link to bring your vision to reality and solve those challenges to achieve maximum ROI and reach your next level of growth.

$5 Billion in Sales Processed

International Network

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Who We Are

Meet Our Founders

MJ Freeway was founded by Amy Poinsett and Jessica Billingsley. To learn more about them, read their bios, or request them to speak at your next event, please visit the Media and Press Page.


We've been first to the market with every single software feature we've offered, and we're continually adding new features that make our platform even better. Our customers repeatedly call us "best-in-class." We have great people who make "best-in-class" possible and they are often cited as our most valuable "solution." They design the processes to run a best-in-class cannabis business, develop the software to support those processes and source the best hardware to bring it to life. We call our 360-degree solution: thoughtware, software and hardware.


It feels good to work with people who get it. Our people are some of the most intelligent, most innovative minds in cannabis. We have real-world cannabis operators on our team; as well as data scientists, horticulturalists, engineers and more. We don't have a single competitor who can hold a candle to our comprehensive industry expertise.


At MJ Freeway, we actually invented cannabis tracking. We have 7 years of cannabis business experience spanning 23 states and 5 countries - the most depth and breadth. We have the largest client base with 40%+ of cannabis businesses* powering our platform. We have by far the cannabis industry's largest data set to deliver powerful, big data. There are enough aspects of your business you can't control, so we're obsessed with helping you control the ones you can, and control ones you thought you couldn't. Running a successful cannabis company takes a lot of heavy lifting and we have the power to help lighten your load.

* In the U.S.

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