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Opportunity is Everywhere

The cannabis industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the history of our modern economy. Every year, new markets open up in the United States and across the world.

The steady power behind this movement are cannabis businesses. Every company across the cannabis supply chain who grows, creates, and sells cannabis products to consumers and patients contributes to this industry’s success.

And we want to help contribute to your success. We help cannabis businesses thrive and scale.

Our Story

It all started in 2010, in a small cannabis dispensary and cultivation facility in Colorado. Jessica understood the vision of the industry and invested in one of the first 10 dispensaries licensed in Colorado. With a background in tech, Jessica helped the dispensary make the most important decision in their business, what technology they would use to run their business. After research, Jessica soon realized no one was creating software for the specific needs of the cannabis industry. Back then, no one served our industry. Cannabis was considered risky and its future was uncertain. But Jessica saw things differently. She saw an industry with good intentions and lots of possibility.

Jessica teamed up with Amy, a tech and software power player. Together, Jessica and Amy created the first software built specifically for cannabis businesses. MJ Freeway Business Solutions was the very first seed-to- sale tracking for the industry. We set the standard.Since then, we’ve been first to market with every single software feature we’ve offered. And in November 2016, we released the first ever generation 2 cannabis software.

To learn more about Jessica and Amy, read their bios, or request them to speak at your next event, please visit the Media and Press Page.

Cannabis business solutions will fuel your growth and help you build deeper relationships with customers, vendors, and regulators.

We were the first cannabis-specific software company to enter the market, and we did so believing that when properly regulated and tracked, the opening of cannabis to free trade is good for the economy and the right thing for people who need medical access to cannabis.

Jessica Billingsley

Our Values

There are three main values built into the way we do business. Those values are:
  1. Do the Right Thing

    When it comes to how we treat each other and our customers, we believe in doing what’s right. We will always choose the high road and serve the highest good of everyone involved.

    This value fuels our belief in building a better industry, not just another industry. That is why we dedicate resources every year toward cause campaigns that support three pillars in the cannabis industry including: People, Diversity, and Environment.

  2. Be Part of the Solution

    We always continuously work on being the solution for our clients well into the future. As long as we are focused on the longevity of our company, cannabis businesses, and the industry, we know we are serving your needs like no one else can.

  3. Show People that You Care

    This is a basic human need. We all want to know that someone cares. We care about each and every cannabis business we are honored to serve each and every day.

Our Impact

At MJ Freeway, we actually invented cannabis tracking. We have 9+ years of cannabis business experience spanning 23 states and 12 countries - the most depth and breadth. We have the largest client base with 40% of cannabis businesses powering our platform. We have by far the cannabis industry's largest data set to deliver powerful, big data. There are enough aspects of your business you can't control, so we're obsessed with helping you control the ones you can, and control ones you thought you couldn't.

MJ Freeway is always thinking about the future of this industry. We are the only company in the world with the experience and know how to create a generation 2 software for the industry.

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