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By: Ostap Rapeyko

Enhance Your Legal Cannabis Dispensary with Delivery Services

Why do cannabis retailers in legal states choose to offer delivery in addition to the typical storefront dispensary experience? The answers are obvious, as delivery in legal states allows these businesses to increase their volume, improve the customer experience, and ultimately lead to increased ROI. Adding delivery to your dispensary enables more customers to purchase your products, even when you need to temporarily close your storefront. 

By: MJ Freeway

Tax Man and the Cannabis Business

Tax day looms next week, signaling it’s time again for mathematical gymnastics and mental frustrations. The cannabis industry now exists in most U.S. states; however, marijuana remains a Schedule I drug. The toll of this classification has canna-businesses paying 70-80% higher taxes, all thanks to 280E.

By: Jessica Billingsley

An Industry Retrospective for our 9th Anniversary

How often do you find yourself asking, “Where did the time go?” Unbelievably, I’m approaching a decade of cannabis experience, and MJ Freeway celebrates nine years this month. Conceptually, MJ Freeway was conceived on New Year’s Eve 2009, which was the same year I invested in one of the first legally licensed operators in Colorado. My first experiences in the industry were on the operations side initially, where it was easy to see the need for compliance tracking in a newly regulated industry. So, MJ Freeway was officially incorporated in January 2010.

By: Kyana Miner

Oklahoma: The 30th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana!

With the passing of Question 788 on June 26th, Oklahoma becomes the 30th state to legalize medical marijuana. Like California in 1996, the State has taken a hands-off approach by implementing minimal regulations or restrictions. The absence of a clear framework of regulations has many potential cannabis entrepreneurs feeling nervous. MJ Freeway has a team of consultants, all veteran industry professionals, that can help.

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