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By: Jessica Billingsley

Top 10 predictions for the cannabis industry in 2019

It’s that time when we dust off the year that was and look forward to what may be in the year ahead. At MJ Freeway, we are looking forward to the definitive merger agreement with MTech to be finalized. This will create an exciting new chapter for us and the industry, but we’ll talk more about that later. For right now, let’s do some speculating. Here are my top 10 predictions for the cannabis industry in 2019 (because ‘tis the season for lists, and who doesn’t love them). 



By: Kyana Miner

The Future Of Cannabis Seed-To-Sale Industry And Technology

Aside from the restrictive rules that govern the production and distribution of cannabis products, the transition from individual to fully public is the greatest challenge faced by most cannabis businesses. Luckily, technology is materializing to fill the void. Recently, Microsoft paired with KIND, a “seed to sale” platform to aid government organizations manage and potentially impose cannabis experience.

By: Jessica Billingsley

Cannabis, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain must be THE hottest buzz term around right now, even eclipsing cryptocurrency to which its technology has been so famously applied.  At least once a week, an acquaintance sends me either a new cannabis cryptocurrency ICO (Initial Coin Offering) notification or a new article on the cutting edge startup that is going to change cannatech forever with its blockchain application. 

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