Cannabis Customers: What Makes Them Come Back?

by Kyana MinerFebruary 24, 2017

March proves to be one of the slowest sales months in cannabis. To help prepare for this month, maybe you’ve experimented with a lot of different marketing and advertising campaigns. Or maybe you’re not quite sure where to start.

Attracting loyal customers is a lot easier than you think. The best way to get your customers to continue shopping with you is to know four key things about them.

1.Who are they?
Study your customers. Really get to know them. Know the most basic demographics like age and gender. But go deeper. What are their interests? How do they see themselves, the world, and your product?

Once you know who they are, it will be easier to speak to them in their language and explain how you can best meet their needs.

2. Why do they need your products?
Know exactly why your customers are interested in you and your products. Whether you sell to consumers or other cannabis businesses, knowing how your product impacts their lives gives you leverage.

Many businesses make the mistake of only knowing why they offer their product. This can be valuable information too. However, the more you focus on your customers, the more connected they’ll feel with your business.

3. What do they buy?
Keep track of what your customers are buying. It’s not just about what you like to create and sell.

Which of your products are your customers’ favorites? And why? Focus your energy on maintaining high quality and consistent inventory of the products your customers like the best.

4. How often do they shop?
When are your customers shopping? You must know when your customers are looking for what you sell. Pay attention to your busiest times of the week, month, and year. Keep an eye on the triggers that bring customers in the door.

Once you know this info, go with the flow. Cater your messaging, communications, and marketing to match the buying trends of your ideal customers. This lets them know you see them, you hear them, and you know what they want.

Be sure to measure your success. How are your customers responding? Make changes if needed.

Attracting and retaining the best customers does not have to be hard. The more you know them, their needs, and their shopping trends, it becomes easier to keep them happy.

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