Increase your flow: How they improved efficiency and made everyone happier.

by Kyana MinerOctober 08, 2017

At this point, your cannabis business is operating successfully. You’re selling products, earning revenue, and things appear to be going well.But, you may ask yourself, “Can we do better?”

Although you’ve successfully overcome the startup phase of your cannabis business, growth and maturity is going to require that your business processes and workflows are optimized.

Recently, we engaged with a client to do a workflow analysis. This is when we take a close look at your daily operations and provide valuable insight into inefficiencies. Not only do we identify those inefficiencies, we come up with measurable action plans to help you do your job easier, save time, and reduce cost.

During this workflow analysis, we identified multiple issues in various facets of this client’s operation that were causing inefficiency. This included how they were using our seed-to-sale tracking platform in addition to operational challenges they were facing.

As a result of our engagement, they were able to increase their production throughput by 50%, and also modify processes to free up their team to focus on other aspects of their jobs while still maintaining the same level of quality that their patients have grown to expect. By the time we left their facility, their entire staff came up to our team with heartfelt thanks for making their jobs easier and more fulfilling.

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