To Build or To Buy? Why choosing a cannabis software is a better decision than building one from scratch

by May 08, 2017

When thinking about the future of your cannabis operation, you may be contemplating developing your own seed to sale business management software. The "build vs buy" decision is an important one when planning your software needs. Building custom software has some benefits, but should only be considered if you've thoroughly evaluated existing options if you have the financial structure, and resources to take on such a labor-intensive process. A cannabis operation requires an advanced platform to manage the many unique requirements of our industry. Contemplate the following points when making your decision:

You're considering building your own software because...

  • Your operation is large. You have a massive cultivation, a slew of retail shops, and plans to expand. You need software that can handle the high amount of plants, products, patients, employees, wholesale vendors, finances, and more that you take on every day.
  • You have someone on staff or in the family that knows how to develop software. It'll be easy, you think. You can work with someone you know and trust, who gives you creative freedom to customize the software to your every need.
  • You can build a custom solution for your business. You know the ins-and-outs of your cannabis business and how you want to manage labels, purchase orders, reporting, and costs. What you build will be designed with your day-to-day operations in mind and can support the unique approach you take to managing a business within compliance requirements.
  • You can build your software to integrate with other programs. You have enough on your plate. Making sure your software works with other technologies like Leafly, Weedmaps, Quickbooks, payroll, Baker, etc. Is very important.

You may be surprised to hear this – MJ Freeway's cannabis platform can support your needs above, plus more.

The industry is complicated and your business success is critical in this highly competitive market. Developing your own software is risky for a few reasons:

  • It will be a financial burden. You will invest significant resources, energy, and time into this project. This is perhaps the first and most logical reason to choose an existing solution.
  • Your tech team is unfamiliar with the industry. Does your development team fully understand compliance requirements, cultivation workflows, retail bottlenecks, and hardware integrations? Will they be ready to make an update to labelling requirements with the drop of a hat? It takes a talented team of engineers to build software capable of serving this demanding market.
  • You have a business to run. Whether you're an industry veteran or just starting the licensing process, you have many obligations and a limited amount of time. Splitting your focus to developing a custom software that could take years (yes, literally years) to build will be a taxing endeavor.
  • Advanced, scalable technology is already available. You might be familiar with a few point of sale programs or other seed to sale software that fails to meet the needs of your business. However, reinventing the wheel simply because you've been let down in the past is an uncertain road to follow that will present far more challenges.

Take it from us, building software from the ground up for marijuana is no easy feat. With constantly evolving regulations, an incredibly specific chain of custody, and the opportunity for rapid scalability, providing tech for the cannabis industry is an arduous venture. We've been serving this industry for 7 years and have the largest engineering team in cannabis tech. We've learned the hard lessons, evaluated the data, monitored the processes that make this industry progress. Our team has also developed relationships with leading vendors in the market such as Leafly and Baker, making managing your business in one easy-to-use platform quite simple.

MJ Freeway is ready to scale with you by providing smart data, simple seed to sale solutions, and a central system for all of your integration needs. Contact our team today for a demo.


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