What about the parents?

by Kyana MinerSeptember 03, 2018

With cannabis losing its stigma, many more parents are consuming the drug than ever before. While studies show cannabis is not harmful, some worry that cannabis use in parents can impact the health and wellbeing of children.

The majority of parents consume cannabis responsibly, causing no ill-effect on their children or anyone else in their family. In fact, in many cases, cannabis consumption and the benefits that come with it, are helping parents to become even better at their job.

Unfortunately, state legislation is doing little to protect the rights of parents and their children when it comes to legally smoking cannabis for medicinal or personal use. It’s many parents’ worst nightmare to lose custody of their child. It’s even worse when they have done nothing wrong. Yet this is a problem that some parents are facing -- even in states where it is legal for parents to consume cannabis.

If you are a parent, the law is not yet completely on your side. Caution must be taken to protect both you and your children. Here are several precautions we recommend that each parent take to enable safe and legal consumption.

Be careful when driving

It is possible for parents to be charged with a DUI even when they are not impaired at the time of driving. In Nevada, for instance, parents who consume cannabis for medicinal purposes can be charged with a DUI just because they have higher than the usual number of cannabis metabolites in the body. Worse, still, if a child is in the car at the same time, then parents can also be charged with child endangerment. Even possessing a marijuana card may not be a successful defense.

Keep product out of reach

Parents who consume cannabis need to ensure that any supplies are kept in a securely locked cabinet that is out of the reach of children. What is out of sight is out of mind and this simple measure can protect accidental ingestion.

If your child accidently injest cannabis, you can be reported and investigated.

Just because cannabis is legalized in your state doesn’t mean that child services can’t intervene in your life if a neighbor reports you as a marijuana smoker. It is important to be aware of this and to be able to prove that consumption has no negative impact on the life of your child. Securing products, as mentioned above is a great way to prove how responsible you are.

Try edibles rather than smoking

The negative side effects of smoking are well documented. It may be that second hand smoke could hurt your child. This would certainly be the view of child services. Rather than smoke, parents should consider vapors or edibles as the chosen form of consumption so that smoking is kept to a minimum.

Parents shouldn’t be at risk of prosecution just because they consume cannabis. Hopefully, they will obtain full protection in the future. But while marijuana laws are still being developed, it pays to follow these guidelines to ensure that you and your children remain safe.

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