Why do I need a cannabis consulting expert?

by Kyana MinerMay 18, 2017

Since the legalization of cannabis began in 2010, there is an ever changing roadmap for how to navigate this industry. Why? Because it doesn’t exist and even if it did, it would need constant revisions because the landscape continues to change.

Whether you are a new, or existing business, a cannabis consultant can help you overcome obstacles to growing your business.

Here are three reasons why hiring a cannabis consultant is a smart decision:

1. They help you make important business decisions. Entering the cannabis industry is a significant undertaking whether you are a business professional with little cannabis experience or a cannabis professional with little business experience. The right cannabis consultant will have a track record that speaks for itself. They broke the ground in the cannabis industry and have been there, done that. They are problem solvers, subject matter experts, project managers and have a bandwidth of support. Consultants are people who will use their expertise to help clients narrow the gap between where their business is today and their vision for the future. A consultant is a specialist who helps you complete the work necessary to achieve your desired outcome.

2. They are connected to the right people. Consultants provide solutions to specific challenges and situations. By engaging a consulting firm, you get access to a group of professionals who not only understand the industry, but also have access to a large network of professionals who help run the industry. Cannabis consultants can help provide the shortcut to building a canna-business by recommending the right people, companies, and tools that provide end-to-end solutions to help your business thrive. Marijuana consultants also have positive relationships with stakeholders including regulators, lobbyists, and local & national cannabis organizations. Having strong connections helps provide the most comprehensive, compliant foundation for a canna-business.

3. They empower you to become a leader in the industry. This industry has a sharp learning curve. Experienced cannabis consultants have the knowledge and information that you can't find in a book. By sharing this experience with your team, they can help you navigate the rapidly growing and evolving industry. Also, the right consultant will help you become self-sufficient in the industry instead of co-dependent. Skillful consultants identify, train, guide, and mentor from day one so you’re able to step into your new opportunity successfully and with confidence.

How do you know if hiring a cannabis consultant is right for you? When you truly become aware of the possibilities for your business and you're ready to step up and become an even bigger leader in this industry. The guidance gained from working with a trusted consultant brings peace of mind while knowing you’re working with the best of the best in all areas of your business.

Our cannabis consultants have 28+ cumulative years of experience in this ever evolving, highly regulated market. We have the largest in house cannabis consultant team in the industry to help you overcome any challenge in your cannabis business. Contact us today!


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