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Learning curves can be costly.

And costly mistakes can be the end of a great business. With 30+ years of experience, MJ Freeway's cannabis consultants can help you build, set-up, open, operate, and scale a successful cannabis business. Our team of consultants will work closely with you to understand your vision, strategies, and objectives. We'll then help you build your uniquely branded business while employing best practices for your vertical and complying with local and national regulations. When you work with us, you receive the knowledge MJ Freeway has gained from working with more than 2,000+ cannabis operations for 30+ years first hand.

We're real cannabis experts with real cannabis business experience.

It's not just the number of years spent working in the industry that matter, but how those years were spent that makes a real difference. MJ Freeway's consulting team has spent significant time in every aspect of cannabis operations from bottom to top and in every vertical (cultivation, processing, and retail). And at scale. Our team has managed projects including grows exceeding 100,000 square feet, retail operations with locations in multiple states, online businesses serving an entire country, and businesses with multiple currency needs. We know how to set-up successful cannabis operations at scale.

MJ Freeway's served as our close advisors throughout the application process. Ilera is thrilled to have been awarded one of the 12 Pennsylvania licenses to cultivate and process, and we appreciate MJ Freeway's knowledge and partnering approach in assisting with our success. We look forward to working with them during the upcoming build out, inspection, go live, and business optimization phases. - Lisa Gray, llera

Our team becomes your team.

From the beginning we are your partners. We become a real part of your business. We help you clearly define your vision and we're with you every step of the way working to make that vision a reality. You have access to every consulting member of our team as needed to help make your vision become a reality. We visit you wherever you are and we also stay connected using the very best video conferencing system and project management tools so that you always know the status of our work together.

We offer consulting at all stages of your cannabis business from pre-application and application to post operational.

Do you need help applying for a new license?

No problem. We've helped businesses in most regulated markets win successful licenses under tight deadlines and uncertain guidelines.

We don't use a one-size-fits-all business approach. We take the time to learn about you.

Take a look at the following questions. These will help you get started creating the cannabis business success you desire.

  1. In what state, county, or jurisdiction do you want to start your cannabis business?
  2. Do you know the cost of real estate or energy in your geography? These are your biggest expenses.
  3. Do you understand the municipalities compliance requirements? What's required and what's not required that you would be wise to do.
  4. What will be your competitive differentiators?
  5. Do you understand your target market?
  6. What is your current business experience?
  7. What experience do you have in the cannabis industry? And do you know how to plug those gaps?
  8. What do you want your cannabis business to achieve in 1-5 years? 5-10 years?
  9. Do you have a plan for scaling?
  10. Do you have a plan to combat or offset falling prices and a more crowded marketplace?
  11. How do you define success?

Once we have a clear idea of your vision, we align it with the potential of this industry and we work with you to help you achieve your dreams

Customized by state and by client, MJ Freeway's team of cannabis application consultants will work closely with you to understand your operational objectives and assist you in building the application strategy to support your desired business, knowledge of cannabis industry best practices, and the regulatory environment in which you operate. We will convey in your application your ability to be a successful licensee.

We take our prospects' ideas and turn them into successful cannabis businesses. - Sheri Springer, MJ Freeway Consulting Services

Who is MJ Freeway?

The depth and breadth of our company is unparalleled in the cannabis consulting industry. We have a unique viewpoint into the industry because we also offer licensed operators the industry leading ERP technology solution for seed-to-sale tracking. First introduced in 2010, our software is the only generation 2 cannabis software in the world. We also offer a technology solution for government traceability called Leaf Data Systems. Since the beginning of the regulated market, our co-founders have served on the board of the oldest and most recognized trade organizations in the cannabis industry. They've lobbied for the industry in Washington, D.C. and have supported organizations like CannAbility to ensure children and parents have safe access to this powerful medicine.

We are fully committed to the cannabis industry, and we understand this industry from every vantage point. Our diverse experience within the industry allows us to set you up for success now and well into the future

Meet Tom.


He has received a provisional license in Ohio. We had a lot of fun and great success helping Tom through one of the most challenging cannabis business license applications. Listen to Tom share his experience working with our consulting team.

Perhaps you already operate a cannabis business. Do you need help better positioning your current business for growth? We've got you covered. Our team isn't just made up of consultants but cannabis business experts. We can come into your operation and help you align your strategy to the goals you desire to achieve. We can help you adjust your business plan, optimize revenue and resources, and tighten up systems and processes. Solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities is our superpower.

Recently, we worked with a cannabis operation on problem solving workflow efficiency, which is the foundation of growth and revenue gain.  Read all about it here. We helped this operation increase their production throughput by 50%. They were able to streamline their processes and free up their team's time to better focus on quality of product and customer service. We use our superpower to help you magnify yours.

We are excited to hear about your vision. Reach out to us today.

Build a better business.

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