Cannabis Consulting for New and Established Businesses

Take your business to the next level with cannabis consulting from MJ Freeway.

Are you starting a cannabis business? Does it feel like the unknowns outweigh the knowns? Surprised at how complicated the industry is and how much conflicting information is out there? What you need is a way to start a cannabis business. Our expert cannabis consultants will assist in developing your license application or your marijuana business plan. We are flexible, smart and aren’t here to take a portion of your business. Our marijuana consultants want to grow with you, so they’ll set you up with a solid foundation.

Are you ready for growth? Is your prior business strategy no longer getting you the results you want? Marijuana consulting with MJ Freeway is a trusted way to shed light on areas of your business that may be slowing you down. Our cannabis consultants look at every aspect of your business from technology, to staff, and to data to ensure that you have the solutions you need to run a smart business. Smart is:

Specific to Cannabis

Compliant with Regulations

Simple and Proven


Forward Thinking

Cannabis as a product and the cannabis market doesn’t behave like any other. So if starting a cannabis business feels complicated and difficult, it's because you need cannabis specific solutions and expert marijuana consultants. MJ Freeway has 6+ years of data encompassing $5B in sales transactions to give you a true picture of market trends and performance. No other cannabis company has the vast store of data that MJ Freeway has at its fingertips to benefit you.

Our cannabis consultants have real industry experience in all verticals of the business and are eager to bring your business to the next level. Whether you are hoping for marijuana compliance consulting or need our team to help you plan for the future growth of your business, MJ Freeway's cannabis consulting ensures experts are on your side so you can be successful.

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Margins in cannabis are shrinking, while patients and consumers increasingly have more cannabis access points. Gone are the days when just growing good bud was enough for success. All parts of your business model and operational processes must align toward achieving higher profit margins, reducing costs, and recruiting more than your “fair share” of sales for long-term success in what is an increasingly competitive, margin-tight industry.

MJ Freeway has built cannabis-specific, data-based, simple and proven methodologies that can give your business the competitive advantage.

Build a better business.

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