Business Planning Consulting

Cannabis consulting makes your vision a reality.

From defining your business plan - to helping you develop a successful team to analyzing the current cannabis market, MJ Freeway's expert marijuana consulting team is prepared to accelerate your growth.

MJ Freeway has built cannabis-specific, data-based, simple and proven methodologies that can give your business the competitive advantage.

Business Launch Services

From A to Z, we can set up your cannabis business from applying for a license, to building a business plan, to setting up the methodologies and structure of your operation to get you ready for go live.

Business Plan

A good cannabis business starts with a good business plan. Data should be the foundation of your business plan, and with MJ Freeway's vast store of 6+ years of cannabis business and consumer data, your business plan will accurately predict growth rates, market opportunities and have proof points from past trends.

Application & License Support

Starting a cannabis business requires a cannabis license. First step to getting a license is a winning cannabis application. In most states, applications are limited and the competition is very tough. In all states, completing your application paperwork and complying with licensing requirements is a very specific, and lengthy process.

We have turnkey solutions that make it much faster and easier for you. We have won licenses in multiple states, so you can rely on our experience to win you a license. With MJ Freeway, you can work with us to develop your entire application.

Standard Operating Procedures

A cannabis operation is more than the physical structure of your building or the plants in the ground. Your business is the day-to-day actions of your staff and how your system interacts with and supports those actions. Ensuring that your staff follows processes and that those processes are best practice processes, is the work of Standard Operating Procedures. Some government regulations require SOPs, and where they don't, SOPs are just smart business practice.

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