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We look to all aspects of your cannabis business to ensure processes and standards support your vision.
New License Applications
Competition for licensing can be steep, in many states, getting a second chance can be expensive and take years.. Get it right the first time. We will work closely with you to understand your business goals and together we will build a solid business plan, financial model, and submit the best possible application based on your jurisdictional requirements.
Build Out
Get the support you need as your vision to become fully operational becomes reality. We can build an operational timeline, review layout and building designs, and provide best practices. We also consult on workflow, equipment, supplies, and vendors.
Inspection Prep
Be ready! We will be your trusted partner, working with you from pre-inspection to onsite inspection day. From compliance requirements to Standard Operating Procedures to safety and security protocols, we’ll make sure you are prepared for every item on your inspection requirements checklist. We help you set the bar high!
Rock Solid Business Plan and Financial Model
Get your business plan and financial model developed by seasoned cannabis and business professionals who have achieved high levels of success in the cannabis industry. Plans are created based on either application or pre-application investor requirements.
Go Live Strategy
This strategy sets the tone for your business and your success. We help you ensure an efficient process flow with fully trained staff, and help you visualize your success within your management reports.
Workflow Redesign
Effective use of time, money, and resources have a major impact on your revenue. We can work together to analyze your current workflow, recommend improvements, and even train your staff so you can optimize your operations and your bottom line.
Confident Compliance
The biggest challenge cannabis business owners face is understanding and following regulations. MJ Freeway consultants can help you build awareness, knowledge, and confidence in your ability to meet and exceed the requirements of applicable regulations.
Cannabis Knowledge
Where is the industry today? Where is the industry going in the future? And how can you have unparalleled cutting edge insight to answer these questions?
If you’re just exploring the cannabis space, we can help you learn all about this remarkable industry. We have a cumulative 30+ years of education across varied regulatory environments, growing environments, and retail strategies. We can share with you relevant information to help you create a strong foundation for your cannabis business.
Supply Chain Transformation
Visibility across your entire cannabis supply chain will help you make the right decisions about your business. MJ Freeway Consultants help you optimize and standardize production and distribution across your supply chain processes.
Data for Decisions
Big data helps you know everything you need to know about your business and the market. Smart data helps you use that knowledge to make powerful decisions. We’ll show you how to collect the right data, analyze it, and use it to steer your business in the right direction.
Customer Retention & Growth Strategies
We know you’re going to work hard to get customers. Let us show you how to keep them coming back. From loyalty programs, to specific demographic marketing, we’ll help you create a data-based plan to connect to and attract the right customers and keep them long-term.

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