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"We take our prospects' ideas and turn them into successful cannabis businesses."
Director of Consulting
Sue has 25+ years of client service and operational experience at several companies, including A.C. Nielsen as General Manager of a $40 million operating center. She helped launch several successful start-up companies in roles including Director of Client Services and Director of New Business Development.
"Growing knowledge and acceptance of this plant will lead to much more responsible usage by patients and consumers."
Operations Consultant
From budtender to general manager, Gustin has a wide range of experience in cannabis retail. He has increased dispensary revenue by 20%, improved operational efficiencies across multiple locations, and trained staff on compliance requirements to successfully pass inspections.
"We’re not the outsider, looking in. We sit at the table with you and help you build your cannabis business."
Account / Project Manager
Jamie has a background in business finance, accounting, and marketing. Her experience includes multiple industries and functional concentrations, with a career marked by impressive contributions in technology, acquisitions, marketing, & communications.
"Just as you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, you will never find your cloning groove without sacrificing a few clones. Successful cloning is a skill that can only be learned."
Operations Consultant
With over 4 years as a professional cannabis cultivator, John has helped clients in every stage of the business from implementation to business optimization. John ran one of the largest cultivation operations supplying product for one of the best known brand names in Colorado. John has written articles on cloning for publications such as the Cannabis Business Times and has participated in several MJF educational webinars.
"The two most important things you need to understand in order to run a successful cannabis retail store are how to serve your customers and how to stay compliant."
Operations Consultant
Annie has been in the cannabis industry since 2012. Annie has experience in both cannabis dispensaries and cultivations, but her specialty is retail. She has been director of operations and supply chain manager; along with her strengths in accounting Annie achieved great success in cannabis retail operations. She managed customer traffic and inventory supply chain for one of the largest operations in Denver. Annie has participated in several MJF educational webinars.
"Getting through the application process is the most important part of becoming a cannabis business. Once you get licensed, the possibilities are limitless."
Technical Writer
Mike is the chief application strategist, developing the right strategies for applications in emerging states . He focuses on understanding local regulations and standards, as well as the environment in which our clients will operate, and determines what we believe will result in winning the highest scores. With a background in law, he’s an expert in interpreting state regulations and writing applications which demonstrate why our clients should be chosen for a license.
"One of the biggest mistakes people make when opening a cannabis business is forgetting that it is a business and requires business know-how to be successful."
Technical Writer / Financial Modeler
Niko is our expert in finance and accounting. He has a law degree and working on a Masters in Accounting. Based on your vision for your business, Niko can help you develop the business financial roadmap to help you achieve your goals.

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