Frequently Asked Questions @ MJ Freeway

What states or countries do you provide your software and consulting services to?

We thrive in a regulated environment and are able to serve industry members in a number of locations as long as they have a regulated system planned or in place. We currently serve clients in all regulated US states, Canada, Spain, and Australia.

Where are your software servers located?

We do not divulge the location of our server farms beyond saying we host on both Canadian and US soil, and that we operate under the HIPAA model in terms of redundancy and disaster recovery planning.

What are your security standards?

We've instituted security best practices. MJ Freeway has additional layers of security and resources available to us with Amazon Web Services due to their scale and expertise.

Does your software meet the standards required by Health Canada?

Yes, MJ Freeway meets the requirements for tracking marihuana put in place by Health Canada.

Do you provide API access for menu and testing lab integrations?

MJ Freeway provides API access when requested. Please visit for more information about the process to become approved for access.

Is MJ Freeway a public or private company? Is MJ Freeway seeking investment?

MJ Freeway is a private company whose stock is not publicly traded at the present time. Please visit our Investor Relations page for more information.

Do you integrate with any locator services?

Yes, Leafly and Weedmaps to name a few. A full list can be found on our website under our Partner page.

Where are your headquarters?

Denver, CO

How many clients do you have?

MJ Freeway serves over 1500 clients around the world.

Can your system manage my financial information or provide accounting? Can it replace Quickbooks?

The MJ Freeway software platform is not intended to replace or serve as an accounting package. We provide a business management platform, and collect extensive data points used in financial analysis and costing, but we are not an accounting package. We do offer a Quickbook .iif export.

Do you offer payment processing?

MJ Freeway's software allows for credit card payments, but the client will need to secure a relationship with a financial institution. MJ Freeway integrates with cashless ATM providers, listed here.

Is MJ Freeway hiring?

Visit our Careers page to see what positions are available.

Why is your software pricing not publicly listed?

We price out each system very differently depending on the size of the cannabis operation, permission levels required, integrations requested (Quickbooks online, HR management, loyalty points), etc. Our system is robust, and provides much more than a simple point of sale or inventory management software. We offer clients a solution that gives them advanced insights into all aspects of their operation, through granular reporting and cannabis-specific analytics. Because of this, we price each software package uniquely, dependent on each client.

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