Prepare for the future of Canada's Marihuana Market

With legalization on the horizon, the potential for growth in Canada's marihuana market is attainable. Whether you currently operate as an LP or are looking to expand your operation, MJ Freeway offers advanced compliance and marihuana business management software for Canada that provides valuable insights and improves effieciency. 

Our seed to sale software is available in French and English and complies with the requirements set forth by Health Canada. 

Let us show you how we compare to other POS or inventory management solutions and decide for yourself what would be best for your business. Request a demo.

Canada-Specific Regulations to Assist in Planning Your Business or Running a Compliant Cannabis Operation

  • Category
  • Medical
  • Date Law Went into Effect
    ACMPR- August 24, 2016
  • Cultivation Limits
    Limit defined by the Minister upon application approval .
  • Naming Convention for Retail
    Licensed Producer
  • Licensing Authority
    Health Canada
  • Link to Licensing Authority
  • Links to State Laws
  • Individual on Hand Limits (Retail)
    Limit defined by the Minister upon application approval
  • Patient Sales Limit
    A licensed producer must refuse to fill an order referred if the order specifies a quantity of fresh or dried marihuana or cannabis oil that exceeds the equivalent of 150 g of dried marihuana
  • Number of Licenses Available or Limited To?
    As of August 1, 2016: 1561 applications received, 253 have been refused, 419 applications are in progress, 54 have been withdrawn, 801 were incomplete and have been returned
  • Current Best Estimate of the Number of Different Operating Licensees in Each: Grow, Processing, Retail
    39 Licensed Producers
  • State Registry or Dr. Recommendation
    Dr. Reccomendation
  • Established Agency to Regulate Compliance
    Health Canada
  • Testing Required

Canada-Specific Resources

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You run a sophisticated operation in Canada. Let MJ Freeway improve your bottom line and increase business efficiency.

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