Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

To effectively manage the unique demands of the rapidly growing cannabis industry, you need real business management technology. MJ Platform is more than cannabis compliance tracking, more than seed-to-sale software, more than dispensary POS. MJ Platform is a true enterprise solution for managing your entire operation whether you are a boutique shop or a large multi-state or even multi-country business. Learn more about what a platform can do for you. Then schedule a demo to see it in action.

Minnesota-Specific Regulations to Assist in Planning Your Business or Running a Compliant Cannabis Operation

  • Category
  • Medical
  • Date Law Went into Effect
  • Naming Convention for Cultivation
  • Naming Convention for Retail
  • Licensing Authority
    Dept of Health
  • Patient Sales Limit
    30-Day Supply
  • Number of Licenses Available or Limited To?
    8 distribution. 2 manufacturers.
  • Current Best Estimate of the Number of Different Operating Licensees in Each: Grow, Processing, Retail
    Two licensed dispensaries and two licensed producers.
  • State Registry or Dr. Recommendation
    Statewide registry of patients and caregivers.
  • Established Agency to Regulate Compliance
    Dept of Health

Minnesota-Specific Resources

Big Data and Cannabis

What is big data? Do you have it? How do you use it? Does it even matter? If you run a cannabis business, then you have big data and you should be using it to make smarter business decisions and grow your operation. Jeannette Ward, MJ Freeway’s director of data and marketing gives a 101 on how you can use your data to grow your business.

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Enhance Your Legal Cannabis Dispensary with Delivery Services

Why do cannabis retailers in legal states choose to offer delivery in addition to the typical storefront dispensary experience? The answers are obvious, as delivery in legal states allows these businesses to increase their volume, improve the customer experience, and ultimately lead to increased ROI. Adding delivery to your dispensary enables more customers to purchase your products, even when you need to temporarily close your storefront. 

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