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North Dakota's medical marijuana ballot initiative passed in 2016, but there are no details regarding the application. As soon as more information becomes available, we will share it here. 


North Dakota-Specific Regulations to Assist in Planning Your Business or Running a Compliant Cannabis Operation

  • Category
  • Medical
  • Date Law Went into Effect
  • Naming Convention for Retail
    Compassionate Centers
  • Licensing Authority
    Department of Health
  • Link to Licensing Authority
  • Links to State Laws
  • Individual on Hand Limits (Retail)
    The department shall adopt rules establishing the maximum amount of marijuana a compassion center may possess. The rules may not allow a manufacturing facility to possess more than one thousand marijuana plants, regardless of the stage of growth, and may not allow a dispensary to possess more than three thousand five hundred ounces [99.22 kilograms] of usable marijuana at any time, regardless of formulation.
  • Patient Sales Limit
    Allows patients to purchase 2.5 oz. of dried leaves or flowers in a combustible delivery form every 30 days and possess no more than 3 oz. at any time.
  • Number of Licenses Available or Limited To?
    10 Total, Two Vertically integrated manufacturing licenses and 8 Compassion Centers.
  • Current Best Estimate of the Number of Different Operating Licensees in Each: Grow, Processing, Retail
  • Established Agency to Regulate Compliance
    North Dakota Department of Health
  • Testing Required
  • Plant Count Limits (Patients)
    Patents living further than 40 miles will be able to grow up to eight plants.

North Dakota-Specific Resources

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