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Cannabis is a unique product. Tracking cannabis from seed-to-sale requires cannabis specific technology that can handle your business at any scale and maintain compliance with all cannabis regulations in Vermont. A regulation violation can be very costly, or worse, can cost you your whole business. We invented marijuana seed-to-sale tracking, and we have a team of people who ensure that MJ Platform always meets or exceeds compliance regulations.

MJ Platform is more than cannabis compliance tracking, more than seed-to-sale software, more than dispensary POS. MJ Platform is a true enterprise solution for managing your entire operation.

Vermont-Specific Regulations to Assist in Planning Your Business or Running a Compliant Cannabis Operation

  • Category
  • Medical
  • Date Law Went into Effect
  • Non-Profit
  • Cultivation Limits
    28 mature plants, 98 immature plants per cultivation center.
  • Naming Convention for Cultivation
    Cultivation Center
  • Naming Convention for Retail
  • Licensing Authority
    Dept. of Public Safety
  • Link to Licensing Authority
  • Links to State Laws
  • Individual on Hand Limits (Retail)
    28 ounces
  • Patient Sales Limit
    2 ounces at any given time
  • Patient Limits (Can you grow your own or assign plants?)
    Can grow your own. 2 mature plants. 7 immature plants.
  • Delivery
    Delivery not permitted
  • Vertical Integration required
  • Number of Licenses Available or Limited To?
  • Current Best Estimate of the Number of Different Operating Licensees in Each: Grow, Processing, Retail
  • Reciprocity for Medical
    No, medical cards from other states are not accepted
  • State Registry or Dr. Recommendation
    State registration w/Dr. recommendation.
  • Established Agency to Regulate Compliance
    Dept of Public Safety
  • Testing Required
  • Plant Count Limits (Patients)
    Not defined per patient

Vermont-Specific Resources

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