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Washington's legal cannabis market continues to thrive and we couldn't be more thrilled to be partnered with some of the leading operators in the state. Whether you are a botique business or a large, multi-state operation, MJ Freeway's seed to sale software for Washington not only gaurentees your compliance, but it will improve your bottom line. 

MJ Platform is more than cannabis compliance tracking, more than seed-to-sale software, more than dispensary POS. MJ Platform is a true enterprise solution for managing your entire operation in Washington.

MJ Platform uses historical data, including customer purchase history and traffic patterns, to predict future product demands. This historical data is compared to the current inventory your store has on hand. The result: you’re alerted when you need to order more of a product. You don’t lose sales because you’ve run of product before a new order comes. And you don’t stock your shelves with too much product that you won’t sell through. And, because time is money, MJ Platform takes inventory efficiency a step further by allowing you to set automatic re-order criteria to place orders and receive invoices within the system between you and suppliers. You save time and ensure you’re never caught without the product or supplies you need.

Washington-Specific Regulations to Assist in Planning Your Business or Running a Compliant Cannabis Operation

  • Category
  • Medical
  • Recreational (Adult-Use)
  • Date Law Went into Effect
    Initiative 502 passed in 2012, with the State of Washington moving to a comprehensive med/ rec regulatory structure with State-licensed producers, processors, and retailers as of July 1, 2016.
  • Non-Profit
    Yes on medical side
  • Cultivation Limits
    Tier 1 – Less than two thousand square feet; Tier 2 – Two thousand square feet to ten thousand square feet; and Tier 3 – Ten thousand square feet to thirty thousand square feet.
  • Naming Convention for Cultivation
  • Naming Convention for Retail
  • Licensing Authority
    Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board
  • Link to Licensing Authority
  • Links to State Laws
  • Individual on Hand Limits (Retail)
    The maximum allowed amount of marijuana on a producer's premises at any time is as follows: Outdoor or greenhouse grows – One and one-quarter of a year's harvest; or Indoor grows – Six months of their annual harvest.
  • Patient Sales Limit
    A single transaction is limited to one ounce of usable marijuana, sixteen ounces of marijuana-infused product meant to be eaten or swallowed in solid form, seven grams of marijuana-infused extract or marijuana concentrate for inhalation, and seventy-two ounces of marijuana-infused product in liquid form meant to be eaten or swallowed.
  • Patient Limits (Can you grow your own or assign plants?)
    You can grow your own and designate, 15 Plants.
  • Delivery
    Cannabis deliveries are illegal in Washington, and this holds true for both medical and adult use marijuana.
  • For Profit
    Yes on adult-use side
  • Vertical Integration required
    Retail: vertical integration not allowed but processors can have up to 3 licenses under the same ownership.
  • Current Best Estimate of the Number of Different Operating Licensees in Each: Grow, Processing, Retail
    508 Retailers, 451 Producer Tier 2, 375 Processor/ Producer Tier 3, 194 Processor/ Producer Tier 1, 169 Processors, 74 Producer Tier 3, 60 Producer Tier 2, 23 Producer Tier 1.
  • Reciprocity for Medical
    Mdedical cards from other states are not accepted
  • State Registry or Dr. Recommendation
    Dr. Recommendation only for medical. 21+ ID for retail.
  • Established Agency to Regulate Compliance
  • Testing Required
  • Plant Count Limits (Patients)
    15 plants for medical. Canopy limit overall in Retail. Producers can only use 60% of the canopy they applied for, and only get one license out if they applied for multiples. 2 Million Sq Ft limit.
  • Stage to Begin Seed-to-Sale Tracking
    Prior to reaching eight inches in height or width each plant must be tagged and tracked individually.

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MJ Platform was built by cannabis people – managers, budtenders, retail operators – who know the realities of running and working in some of the largest cannabis operations in the world. Time is everything. Eliminating the possibility of error is a must. MJ Platform enables best in process workflow, data capture, and efficiency in cannabis technology. Customize your process flows to exactly match your Washington marijuana business.

Sophisticated seed to sale tracking software for Washington's competitive cannabis market.

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