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We believe a successful cannabis industry is made possible by a community that continues to bring innovation, strategic advising, necessary technology tools and positive change. We work closely with a variety of companies and representatives that understand what it takes to move our industry forward.



Weedmaps is an online cannabis community that allows users to review and discuss marijuana strains and local dispensaries. Operators that manage their day-to-day inventory through MJ Freeway’s seed-to-sale tracking platform can benefit from a direct integration to Weedmaps, eliminating the need for manual, double-entry of data.


Baker helps you create a connection with your customers from the moment they first step into your store, turning them into loyal, brand advocates. Through a direct integration with MJ Freeway, encouraging clients to become loyal, repeat customers is easy and fast.

Faces HCM

Faces HCM is a progressive Professional Employee Organization (PEO) that provides human resources, payroll, benefits and more for small businesses. The company creates customized solutions that truly focus on the needs of business owners and their employees through a consultative approach. MJ Freeway welcomes the Human Resources expertise that Faces HCM brings to the table, especially as the business and regulatory models for legalized marijuana develops and evolves across the United States.

Industry Organizations

Marijuana Policy Project
National Cannabis Industry Association
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
California Cannabis Industry Association

Industry Relationships

Bonsai Cultivation

Bonsai Cultivation’s facility features all the best in technology, lighting, CO2, nutrients, genetics, and expert staff. Their Colorado operation is a model for best practices in cannabis cultivation.

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