MJ Freeway Awarded Contract for Nevada Seed-to-Sale Cannabis Tracking

March 19, 2016
MJ Freeway Awarded Contract for Nevada Seed-to-Sale Cannabis Tracking

DENVER (March 22, 2016) -- MJ Freeway, the cannabis industry’s leading provider of seed-to-sale traceability solutions, has been awarded a contract from the State of Nevada to implement Leaf Data Systems™, a secure, web-based tracking system that will give Nevada regulators visibility into the operations of licensed cannabis businesses. The agreement is for 5 years.

“MJ Freeway is dedicated to enabling the sustainable and successful growth of the legal cannabis industry,” said Amy Poinsett, MJ Freeway's Co-founder and CEO. “We are prepared to implement Leaf Data Systems so that cannabis businesses can efficiently track and report compliance data, and regulators can gain visibility into these business operations with ease. We’re excited about the successful implementation of a system robust and advanced enough to handle the legal cannabis market expected in Nevada."

Leaf Data Systems is the regulatory platform that MJ Freeway has developed specifically for government to meet the requirements for regulation of licensed dispensaries, cultivators, and processors. Leaf Data Systems gives inspectors easy visibility into data and identification of patterns that help them make better decisions on where to deploy enforcement efforts, saving valuable time and resources. Inspectors can efficiently address areas that are critical to compliance, such as preventing diversion and ensuring contaminated products don’t reach the market.

“We selected MJ Freeway because of their extensive cannabis industry experience and a deep commitment to Nevada’s compliance program,” said Steve Gilbert, Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) Program Manager. "We are so enthusiastic to work with a vendor with their level of professionalism and expertise.”

The use of an inventory tracking system is required of all operators in Nevada. Leaf Data Systems will include an Application Program Interface so various cannabis software vendors can integrate to seamlessly transfer data. Nevada cannabis businesses can use MJ Freeway’s business software products as their single software solution or another of their choosing.

MJ Freeway will implement the system for Nevada in collaboration with the DPBH, the entity in charge of the state’s medical marijuana program. System implementation will begin July 2016 and will include in-depth training workshops.

“This is a big win for us," continued Poinsett. "We are eager to begin this new partnership and we look forward to participating in the successful launch of the regulated medical marijuana program in the state of Nevada.”

About MJ Freeway: MJ Freeway is the industry-leading software solution for marijuana businesses, with clients in 23 US states, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Founded in 2010 by a team of career software and IT professionals, the product suite is designed and built from the ground-up specifically for cannabis businesses. MJ Freeway also offers SuccessMap ®, a complete suite of professional consulting services for cannabis businesses. For more information, call 888-932-6537 or visit mjfreeway.com. ###

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