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Boomers & Cannabis

MJ Freeway was pleased to participate in the January 10th Women Grow Webinar on “Boomers and Cannabis.” As mentioned in the discussion, some of our data points were extracted from a recent New Frontier Data report, The 2018-2019 Cannabis Consumer Report: Archetypes, Preferences & Trends. MJ Freeway contributed its powerful data to create fresh perspectives on today’s consumers. You can download a free copy of the executive summary or purchase your own copy of the report here.

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Know The Demographics: Who's Shopping For Cannabis.

The cannabis industry is growing. And that means you can't assume you know who is the average cannabis consumer. Know for sure.

Join us and our data & marketing expert as we present a compelling report that outlines the ages and genders of cannabis consumer. There are a few surprises so you don't want to miss this.

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Driving Business Through Your Cannabis Custom Loyalty And Communications Program

Do you speak your customer's love language?

These days, marketing is about more than just yelling, "Buy my thing," the loudest.

Customers want specific, targeted communications, incentives, and experiences in order to be loyal to your brand.

Join us and Spring Big as we reveal top marketing secrets from establishing a powerful customer loyalty program to creating effective communications.

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Consumption Lounges: What Cannabis Businesses Need To Know

The industry is growing up. And part of that evolution includes sophisticated, upscale lounges to consume.

This is certainly not the norm...yet.

But some mature markets and in-demand consumer markets are starting to explore this new business avenue.

  • What about compliance?
  • How should I structure the business model?
  • Is there enough demand & profit from this?
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