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Marketing with Big Data for Cannabis Dispensaries
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Top 7 Tools for Concentrate Consumption

As a retail cannabis operator, you may be wondering what products and merchandise to supply at your dispensary. We’ve put together a list of items that are gaining momentum in the world of dabbing.

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How to Grow Your Cannabis Manufacturing Business

You have everything you need to grow your cannabis manufacturing business. You just need to know use it to make smarter, more powerful decisions for your company.

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Capitalize on 710: Concentrates Marketing

710 has become an unofficial holiday amongst cannabis consumers and patients that partake in dabbing. 710 is the word "oil" upside down. With no evidence of an uptick in total sales during 710 holiday across the industry, cannabis retailers can take advantage of this opportunity to be the destination for cannabis extracts.

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710 is a Thing: Pros and Cons of Popular Processing Methods

From vape oils to cartridges to edibles, concentrates are in high demand in the cannabis industry. Everyone from cannabis newbies to experienced consumers are choosing consumption methods that require concentrates. 

So what does this mean for cannabis processing businesses?

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7.10 Is a Thing: How to Optimize Sales

Own the concentrates market by knowing how best to position and promote your extracts and oils. At this time, there is not a significant uptick in retail cannabis sales on or around the unofficial 7/10 holiday.* You have the opportunity to leverage the attention on concentrates and oils over the 7/10 holiday by integrating a marketing strategy focusing on this product line.

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Strain Game: How to Choose the Right Strain for Your Cultivation

Join MJ Freeway and our expert cultivation consultant as we discuss what strains you should grow in your cannabis cultivation. During this webinar, we'll cover:

-Questions you should ask when deciding on the right strain.
-What data in your business can help you decide.
-How this decision impacts the overall health of your business.

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Insight: Marketing with the Power of Data

We all know how powerful data is in today's market. But how can cannabis businesses use smart data to dominate local markets?

Watch our FREE webinar where we show you how to use the right data to create a powerful marketing strategy that works.

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