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How To Build Out Your Processing Lab: Ohio

So you’ve won a processing license. Congratulations! Now how do you get your cannabis business up and running?

Hear expert advice from MJ Freeway Consultants on the best practice to getting set-up from A-Z including:

  • How compliance guides your build-out
  • What factors to consider for efficiency
  • What benefits you’ll gain from working with successful cannabis consultants
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Maryland Cannabis Business Licensing Webinar 2019

Hey future Maryland operator,

If you're submitting a Maryland application, here are some questions to consider:

  • Are you ready to submit your cannabis business license?
  • Do you understand what the state is looking for to ensure your success?
  • Have you answered the questions in the best way to achieve the maximum points awarded?

These are just some of the questions you should consider before submitting your application.

Watch the recording with our Maryland application expert. We share best practices for how you can successfully win a license in Maryland.

We recently helped clients win 8 licenses in Ohio. We'd love to share our success secrets with you.

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Business Savvy Tech for Grow Experts

Your cultivation method may be an art, but the 365, 24/7 execution of art requires precision and attention to detail. That's where we come in. We can provide the business tech you need to stay on top of your yields, plant progress, tasking, labor, and move.

Watch the webinar as we give you an inside look at the most robust software for cultivation businesses.

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Boomers & Cannabis

MJ Freeway was pleased to participate in the January 10th Women Grow Webinar on “Boomers and Cannabis.” As mentioned in the discussion, some of our data points were extracted from a recent New Frontier Data report, The 2018-2019 Cannabis Consumer Report: Archetypes, Preferences & Trends. MJ Freeway contributed its powerful data to create fresh perspectives on today’s consumers. You can download a free copy of the executive summary or purchase your own copy of the report here.

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