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420: Are You Thinking With Data?

We all know how powerful data is in today's market. But how can cannabis businesses use smart data to dominate local markets?  We predict 420 sales for 2018 total sales to grow between 20 - 25%. Are you ready?

Watch the replay of this webinar and we'll show you exactly how to prepare for 420 to optimize your business results.

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Communication: How To Attract And Win Cannabis Customers

Now that you know how to build a successful cannabis loyalty program, it's time to master the next step.

How do you communicate effectively to attract new customers and keep current customers loyal?

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Save 252 Hours: How to get bigger results in less time in your cannabiz.

All business owners could use more time, especially cannabis business owners. In this webinar, we're gifting you saved time, greater efficiency, and less errors in your business.

Join us and a cannabis business expert as we talk a look at several ways cannabis retail, processing, and cultivation businesses can make small tweaks in their business and reap big rewards in their ROI.

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Loyalty: How To Win & Keep Cannabis Customers

Have you been thinking about introducing a loyalty program into your cannabis retail store? Or maybe you already have one. And you need to make sure you understand how to measure and tweak it for optimal results.

Join us and a cannabis loyalty program expert as we discuss loyalty program best practices.

When you leave this webinar you'll understand the best ways to implement, run, and measure your loyalty program for the best ROI (return on investment) & ROE (return on energy).

Watch the replay today.

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