Seed to Sale Software for Cannabis Businesses

We provide dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers with a data- and compliance-driven cannabis seed to sale tracking software

To effectively manage the unique demands of the rapidly growing cannabis industry, you need real business management technology. MJ Platform is more than cannabis compliance tracking, more than seed-to-sale software, and more than dispensary POS. MJ Platform is a true enterprise solution for managing your entire operation whether you are a boutique shop, a large multi-state or even multi-country business.

Our cannabis business software solution can be as simple as you need it to be or as comprehensive as your growing business demands. We offer the basics of point of sale and compliance. You will gain live access to every aspect of your business. Want to know who was the last person to touch the plant? No problem. You have 24-7, no fuss access to business analytics so you can review progress and make important decisions without guessing or speculating.

With our marijuana software, you’ll never be in the dark about important details about your business. From basic marijuana business management to in depth cannabis ERP software, we will meet all of your seed-to-sale needs.

Invest in peace of mind.

Have you ever tried to put furniture together with tools that didn't quite fit? Or tried to make a meal, but you were missing an ingredient or two?

Something was off. The process was harder. And the end result wasn't quite what you were expecting.

That’s exactly what happens when you manage your marijuana business with error-prone, tedious methods like pen/paper, excel spreadsheets, and piece-mealed, disjointed tech. Cannabis is getting more and more competitive. Regulations are getting more and more complicated. If you want to build a real cannabis brand, you need real cannabis tracking software to support you.

Medical marijuana business software or recreational software for marijuana businesses can improve your business and your quality of life. When you have the right solution for your business implemented, it gives you more time and peace of mind that cannabis regulatory compliance software is doing the hard part.

Adding functionality doesn’t have to mean giving up ease of use and your sanity. MJ Platform offers a dynamic and configurable user-interface. You won’t need to call us every time you need to make a change to your user permissions or product labels. You'll have the power to make fast, important changes to your business without getting frustrated or breaking a sweat.

In addition to working with you and training your team, when you choose MJ Platform, you’ll get access to our extensive knowledge base.

Investigate the options.

Don’t take our word for it. Do your own homework. Go beyond headlines and click bait. Really dig in and find out which cannabis tracking software has what you need to excel in the marijuana industry.

We know you’re going to demo a few marijuana software companies. Cannabis business owners are smart and diligent. You know choosing the right cannabis software can be the difference between a thriving business and a headache. However, unless you’re tech nerds like us, it may be hard to differentiate who is the best cannabis compliance software for your business.

We can help make the shopping process a lot easier for you.

Here are some questions to ask during to demo to help you make a decision:

  1. Do you offer cannabis ERP or just POS compliance marijuana software?
  2. What areas of your marijuana compliance software helps me maintain compliance?
  3. Do you have an open API so I can integrate your system with loyalty programs, online menus, and other software features?
  4. Does your cannabis management software require I use android or mac?
  5. Can you show me your reporting functionality? Will this reporting include important data insights that can help me stay compliant, such as market data, predictive analytics, or business intelligence beyond basic sales reports?
  6. Do you operate in all legal jurisdictions in the U.S. (especially if you plan to expand and acquire multiple licenses). Do you offer any other languages for users in your software?
  7. Do you offer integrated retail, cultivation, and manufacturing marijuana software (especially if you plan to expand to multiple verticals).
  8. Was your marijuana seed-to-sale software built specifically for the cannabis industry or was it adapted from another industry’s software?
  9. Approximately how many companies are live on your software today?
  10. How long has your software been supporting cannabis businesses?

These questions will help you gain a deeper understanding of marijuana tracking companies. Keep notes on each company and how they reply to these questions. Use them in all of your demos to help you compare apples to apples. And don’t just think about what your company will need right now, keep your vision focused on the future as well.

Of course, we’re very excited to show you how our software can positively impact your business and bottom line, request a demo here.

Identify your goals.

The questions above will help you in choosing the best software to ensure you are able to operate compliantly.

As some of the questions suggest, expanding multi-state and multi-vertical is how many cannabis business grow their brand, diversify their revenue streams, and pull ahead of their competition. It’s important to think outside of your local area and specific business vertical today. Think global and act local is very relevant to the cannabis industry today. Keep one eye on the conditions and opportunities in your current marijuana market. Focus the other eye on what’s ahead. For instance, the global cannabis market is booming with government support while the U.S. market is still legalizing state-by-state. With growing global opportunities, think about how your brand can play in the global cannabis game.

What do you want your business to look like 5, 10, and 20 years from now?

Think about it. You don’t want to get medical marijuana tracking software specifically for California if you’re planning to expand to Pennsylvania. You also wouldn't want to get marijuana distribution software that can’t track yields if you’re interested in having a grow operation at some point.

We specifically designed MJ Platform to grow with your business. You may not need everything we offer right now, and that’s ok. But more advanced functionality is just a phone call away. Imagine having to switch all of your data over and retrain your staff because your needs outgrew your software’s capabilities. That’s no fun and a waste of time and resources.

If you’re a new business, choose a comprehensive cannabis software from the beginning and you’ll never have to experience that situation.

If you’re an existing large operation, don’t worry. We’ve migrated large companies to our system numerous times. Our onboarding team is full of techies who are ready to assist you. After one company in Arizona transitioned to our new system, he proclaimed, "This is %&*$ing awesome." He explained that the reporting feature alone was better than anything he’d ever seen. The transition to a better cannabis software system doesn't have to be scary. The sooner you make it, the smoother the process will be. So don’t wait. Schedule a demo today.

Having a solid business plan is a huge part of choosing the right marijuana software platform. You want a company like MJ Freeway, who’s been in the industry since the beginning of the legal market and can anticipate where the industry is headed next. We stay ahead of the curve and so does our software.

A great example of this is compliance.

MJ Freeway invented seed-to-sale tracking software in 2010. Nothing like it existed before our co-founders recognized the necessity. So we created it to serve the urgent need of a young industry. We set the standard for the industry and we continue to innovate based on the changing needs of the marijuana industry.

MJ Freeway’s years of experience working directly with the world’s leading cannabis multi-state, multi-vertical cannabis businesses provides a unique level of experience to our industry-specific software solutions. The result is an unequaled design and functionality that is easy to use yet comprehensive and powerful.

Now, we guarantee state compliance, and we’re integrated with state systems where available. The marijuana industry is rapidly expanding and it is crucial to track the process so that each gram is fully accounted for. MJ Freeway's cannabis software, MJ Platform, is available in English, Spanish, French and coming soon, German.

With our comprehensive marijuana tracking software, you can compliantly manage your business. Minimize product loss and increase efficiency by tracking all of your costs and yields. All you need is an internet connection—you can access the cannabis software from different devices, including PCs and tablets. From marijuana grow software all the way through to dispensary POS software, you can easily manage all aspects of the seed to sale process with MJ Platform.

"Switching to MJ Freeway was easy, I love using the software." MJ Platform Client in San Jose, California

Ignite your vision.

This is the part where I tell you to go forth and prosper. You know who we are and what we have to offer you, your business, and the industry. You also have the information you need to make the best decision for your cannabis company.

The truth is we root for every cannabis company who aims to do the right thing in their business and the industry. We need each other. Right now, we still face major hurdles in the U.S. and abroad with consumer access and business operation. Many local and national governments are still trying to figure it out. Together, we can overcome those odds through fair legislation that’s a win-win for the industry, consumers and patients, and cannabis businesses. Although the outlook for the industry improves with each new state who legalizes, we still have work to do.

One of the reasons we call our software a platform is that we really want MJ Platform to be a place where cannabis businesses in every vertical, vendors, and integrators can use a one-stop solution to all of their cannabis business needs. It also provides a space where everything and everyone we need for our business is in one, easy to access location.

Increase your impact.

Once your back office is taken care of, you can focus on the future of your business. The industry is growing at rapid speed within the U.S. and abroad. Our ERP compliance solution will save you time so you can focus on what's important to your business in the future.

Here are some questions to consider:

  1. What’s your competitive advantage in the marketplace?
  2. Will this competitive advantage translate well in other jurisdictions, states, countries, or verticals?
  3. Where can you expand your reach?
  4. How can you best increase your impact for customers and in the industry?

It’s time to uplevel to a better and more efficient business.

Learn more about what a platform can do for you. Whether you’re looking for medical cannabis software or you operate a recreational business. It’s time to upgrade. Schedule a demo to see it in action.

Looking to learn more about your location's requirements for cannabis tracking? Discover marijuana regulations and resources here.

See for yourself.

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