Manage, monitor & streamline your entire retail operation on a single platform

Manage, monitor and streamline your cannabis business

MJ Platform inventory management is the most sophisticated in cannabis. Platform uses historical data, including customer purchase history and traffic patterns to predict future product demands. This historical data is compared to the current inventory your store has on hand. The result: you’re alerted when you need to order more of a product. You don’t lose sales because you've run out of product before a new order comes. You don’t stock your shelves with too much product that you won’t sell through. Since time is money, MJ Platform takes inventory efficiency a step further by allowing you to set automatic re-order criteria to place orders and receive invoices within the system between you and suppliers. You save time and ensure you’re never caught without the product or supplies you need.

Be a Master of Inventory

MJ Platform inventory management features use historical data like customer purchase history and traffic patterns to predict future product demands. This information is aligned in the system against the inventory your store has on hand. That combined data means you are alerted just in time when you need to order more of a product. You don’t stock your shelves with too much product and you don’t lose sales because you’ve run out before a new order comes. The system can recommend you make an order, and you can even set automatic reorder criteria so orders are placed within the system.

Be Data Driven

MJ Platform connects data for your entire business across multiple systems, multiple locations, and multiple states or territories. MJ Platform allows you to look at this data 3 ways: in real-time, past trends, and predictive future. You can see more than daily sales totals and customer count. You can also see gross profit and revenue, budtender performance, on-hand inventory, labor costs, and future projections for customer traffic and sales. Better data is better insight and planning, enabling you to save costs and increase sales. Only available in MJ Platform, you have the cannabis industry's largest repository of market aggregate data to bring you market intelligence not available anywhere else.

Be Simple

MJ Platform was built by cannabis people – managers, budtenders, retail operators – who know the realities of running and working in some of the largest cannabis operations in the world. Time is everything; eliminating the possibility of error is a must. MJ Platform enables best in process workflow, data capture, and efficiency in cannabis technology. Customize your process flows to exactly match your business.

Be a Customer Magnet

You have the product and concept to attract customers; it's just as important to have tools to effectively manage and market to them. Store customer shopping behavior, product preferences, and medical symptoms at individual customer and demographic segment levels. Use data from the market at large to better understand those customers who aren’t shopping with you.

Be Integrated

Only a platform can provide true integration that eliminates double entry and data mismatch. MJ Platform allows real-time integration to the best technology tools for accounting, customer loyalty, menu integration, payroll, and more. When data is changed in one system, it's updated in all systems. Data from all systems can be viewed in one place. This enterprise view, which includes an executive dashboard, can be viewed across departments, locations, states, and countries even handling multiple currencies.

Be In Control Of Team Activity

In a fast-growing industry, you can’t manage all your team members or be everywhere work happens. Modern businesses need virtual visibility into who's working and productivity of that work. Platform gives you team visibility at macro and individual levels. You can communicate remotely, assign tasks, and manage the data of your team and finally, manage the data of your team – schedules, hours, payroll, performance – all in one place.

Be Mobile

Cannabis is not a desk job. A mobile platform means your team can capture data, receive tasks, and view information from any place and on any device. Freeing your team from behind a counter or desk increases efficiency, and gives you more options for store layout. MJ Platform's best-in-class marijuana delivery technology can run the most mobile part of your retail business. And finally, no modern business is fully mobile without a website, app, and integration to dispensary locator services. MJ Platform enables your businesses’ web mobility as well.

Be Compliant

Cannabis is a unique product. Tracking cannabis from seed-to-sale requires cannabis specific technology that can handle your business at any scale and maintain compliance with all cannabis regulations – even when your business spans multiple territories, states, or countries. We have a team of people who monitor upcoming marijuana regulations and ensure marijuana software meets or exceeds regulations. It's a cannabis compliance guarantee.

Included in your services implementation package:

Successful management equates to successful operations and maximum profits. With grow software and a little guidance from our expert team, you are going to save time and money avoiding the mistakes others have made.

Our software is powerful and flexible, which means it can support exactly your business model and business processes whether you are an established business, or if your business model is still on paper. Our Implementation Package ensures your business model flows seamlessly and is effortlessly accelerated by MJ Freeway. You don't buy tools; you buy smart cannabis people with tools. Our people ensure your tools, software, and hardware, are set up just right to support your business.

To get you thinking, below are example activities we’ve completed for clients. But don’t worry, the first step is to have a MJ Freeway expert meet with you to determine the activities customized to your business. We got you.

  • Review your plant and product procedures to ensure compliance and safety, as well as create greater safeguards against diversion.
  • Our expert team can be on-site* for system support on your go live day.
  • Get role-based, recorded training customized for your business model and tailored to each role in your operation that uses the software, for example: check-in person, budtender, cultivation assistant.
  • Identify inefficiencies and redundancies in your operational set-up with a focus on saving time and labor costs.
  • Set up tracking of nutrient mixes by plant grouping to track cost of goods and maximize yields.
  • Evaluate extraction process and substrate mixture to reach optimal production and maximize yields.
  • Use data to monitor and improve your business by setting up MJ Freeway cultivation and/or retail reports that gives you the information you need to drive increased efficiency and revenue.

Build a better dispensary.

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