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Be more: Accelerate growth and reduce costs through the power of a platform

MJ Platform is the most advanced enterprise technology built from the ground up specifically for the cannabis industry. MJ Platform is data and ROI driven, and it will provide you with the tools you need to run a successful and sustainable cannabis enterprise. This is ERP for cannabis because cannabis has evolved.

Be an Inventory Master

MJ Platform inventory management features use historical data like customer purchase history, wholesale flower sales, and traffic patterns to predict future product demands. This information is aligned in the system against the inventory you have on hand and in the cultivation and manufacturing pipeline. That combined data means you’re alerted just in time when you need to order more of a product. You don’t stock your shelves with too much product, and you don’t lose sales because you’ve run out before a new order arrives. For your cultivation business, you can know what to plant today to meet market demands when your harvest is ready weeks from now.

Be Data Driven

Data is the backbone of enterprise cannabis technology. You need data to drive smarter decision making at every point from seed-to-sale. MJ Platform connects data for your entire business across multiple systems, multiple locations, multiple states or territories and even multiple currencies. MJ Platform allows you to look at this data from 3 vantage points: in real-time, past trends, and predictive future. Better data insight enables you to save costs and increase profit. Only available in MJ Platform, you have the cannabis industry's largest market-view data to bring you market comparison data. If you can see your data compared to industry aggregate data, then you have a very powerful tool for identifying market opportunities.

Be Efficient

MJ Platform was built by MJ Freeway's team of former cannabis general managers, cultivators, extractors, and budtenders. The world's largest and most successful cannabis businesses consulted on MJ Platform giving Platform the distinction of being the only technology built by the world's leading cannabis operators who know the realities of running some of the largest cannabis operations in the world. This platform can match your business model with the most efficient and effective design in cannabis. In a large operation every minute wasted adds up to wasted time and costs. Fewer clicks and fool-proof design are a hallmark of MJ Platform.

Be a Customer Magnet

You have the best product and concept, but do you have intelligence you need to attract, retain and grow your customer base? Store customer shopping behavior, product preferences, and medical needs at individual customer and demographic segment levels. Use data from the market at large to better understand those customers who aren’t shopping with you. Don’t settle for a customer database or patient management software. Platform gives you data coupled with best-in-class marketing and loyalty tools to powerfully attract, keep, and grow customers with ease.

Be Integrated

Only a platform can provide true integration that eliminates double entry and data mismatch. MJ Platform allows you to plug-in the technology tools – accounting, environmental controls, menu integration – that work best for your business, while seamlessly managing an integrated data-set. When data is changed in one system, it's updated in all systems. Data from all systems can be viewed in one place. The most valuable thing for a vertically integrated business is the enterprise data view, which includes an executive dashboard, can be viewed across departments, locations, states, and countries even handling multiple currencies.

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Be in More Places at Once

In a fast-growing industry, you can’t manage all your team members or be everywhere work happens. Modern businesses need virtual visibility into who's working and productivity of that work. Platform gives your team visibility at macro and individual levels. You can communicate remotely, including assigning tasks and tracking team or location goals. Finally, manage your people data – schedules, hours, payroll – all in one place.

Be Mobile

Cannabis is not a desk job. A mobile platform means your team can capture data, receive tasks, and view information from any place, on any device. Freeing your team from behind a counter or desk drives higher efficiency and accuracy, and frees up more options for creative design and layout of your operation.

Be Supplier Savvy

Suppliers and vendors are some your most critical partners supplying you with your customers’ favorite products and supplies for cultivating cannabis. MJ Platform was designed to automate communications, orders and payments between you and suppliers. With reminders and automated communications for re-orders of critical supplies, your business saves time and ensures you’re never caught without something you need. With stellar records management, it's easy to find history and invoices.

Be Compliant

Cannabis is a unique product. Tracking cannabis from seed-to-sale requires cannabis specific technology that can handle your business at any scale and maintain compliance with all cannabis regulations even when your business spans multiple territories, states, nations, or currencies. A regulation violation can be very costly, or worse, can cost you your whole business. We invented marijuana seed-to-sale tracking, and we have a team of people who ensure that MJ Platform always meets or exceeds compliance regulations.

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